Outsourcing and Payroll

Personnel & Payroll Outsourcing

GMS assumes all legal obligations for all payroll service employee’s salaries, payroll deductions, and worker’s compensation, so you have peace of mind and reduce administrative time. You can be confident that payroll is being handled conscientiously by experienced payroll experts. GMS provides simple invoicing, including time-card copies, so your management can confirm invoicing accuracy and improve record keeping. GMS handles all payroll-related employee relations, from supplying customized enrollment packets to fielding payroll questions, this frees up your management and keeps daily employee interactions more focused on performance rather than on payroll issues.


  • Reduce labor costs and break the cycle of frequent hiring and lay-offs by providing support only when and where needed.
  • Shift the burden of logistics support (visas, work permits, driving licenses… etc).
  • Smooth operations when your employees are on vacation or otherwise absent, provide special-project skill sets and increase your company’s ability to meet project deadlines.
Avoid costs and administrative burden of placing an ad, fielding responses, scheduling applicants' appointments and braving a flood of interviews every time a candidate is required to fill in a certain vacancy.


GMS operates payroll services on a regular monthly basis for both local staff & foreign expatriates. This necessitates computation and payment of salary tax & social security as well as dealing with the relative authorities on monthly basis. In addition, GMS also takes care of contracts' social security from files opening till final settlement. Employment benefits such as group life, accidental insurance and medical care could be designed as per your needs and requests. Other advisory services in employment contracts, labor law applications, residence visas and work permits for expatriates could be arranged whenever needed.