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The recruitment of well-qualified staff is frequently a major headache. There is never a shortage of applicants for an advertised position in the newspaper or in the social media. Often, in response to such an advertisement, candidates flood the company with résumé's, and quite simply, the recruitment process becomes a nightmare. This is where GMS can help.

GMS is your key to end this nightmare with our professional screening and candidate filtering methods. We analyze all candidate applications to make sure that the one we select and recommend for your business is the perfect match. We screen all of our candidates through a scoring system to provide you with the best employee that only GMS can select for you. For more information on our selection process, please make sure to check out our Selection Process section on our website.

We take time to fully understand our clients' business - not only what they do - but also the way they operate and the type of people they believe will fit and add value to their cultured company. We have a wide network, and an extensive database of candidates with high professional qualifications and range experience. We thoroughly interview the candidates, before finally recommending a short list to our clients, complete with our assessment reports. In short, we do what we are best at and leave you to do the same.

The selection process is handled in three (3) ways...

  1. From our extensive data bank we select the proper candidates and match them with the clients' profile/dimensions, experience and interpersonal skills against job/position requirements, then submit a short list of suitable candidates to the clients ( at least two for each job/position) together with a copy of their resume and our assessment reports.
  2. If a candidate is not available in our databank, we usually resort to advertise in a local newspaper upon the client's agreement. In case of this agreement, all costs of advertisement shall be paid for by the client in advance in order to proceed.
  3. As we conduct the interviews with the applicants, certain standard points (check list) are usually completed to assist the determination of the usefulness of the applicant to the type of job requested. Certain standard questions are used to measure the behavior stress, structure and skills of the candidate.